“Unlocking Tannisho” was reviewed in Library Journal

Our latest title “Unlocking Tannisho” was reviewed in Library Journal(Spiritual Living, July 2011).

Shinran, a 13th-century Japanese Buddhist monk, is acknowledged as the founder of the Jodo Shinsu sect of Pure Land Buddhism; the Tannisho, also known as the Lamentations of Divergences, is a record of his thought. This new version was prepared for Japanese readers by Takamori, the chair of the Jodo Shinsu organization, in 2008. A hit in Japan, it abbreviates some portions of the Tannishowhile expanding upon and explaining others. Both Takamori and translator Carpenter emphasize the misinterpretations to which Shinran’s ideas are prone, and, for the Buddhist reader, this lavishly illustrated book should go a long way toward expounding a direct and truly Japanese understanding of Shinran’s teaching. VERDICT Takamori’s version of the Tannisho should make an important addition to any library on Japanese Buddhism, academic or personal.

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