Success Is the Fruit of Effort – The Astute Merchant

Something You Forgot … Along the Way
Long ago, there were two merchants who always crossed a narrow mountain pass with dry goods loaded on their backs.

One day, one of them plopped down on a rock by the roadside. “Exhausting, isn’t it?” he sighed. “Let’s rest for a while. You know, if only this pass weren’t so high, we could cross it easily and make more money.” He looked up balefully at the steep pass.

“I disagree,” replied his companion. “In fact, I wish this pass were higher and steeper.”

“You do?” said the first man in astonishment. “Whatever for? Do you enjoy suffering? How strange!”

His companion explained, “If this pass were easy to cross, everybody would use it to do business, and our profits would go down; if it were higher and steeper, no one but us would cross it, and our business would prosper even more.”

Successful tradesmen must be not only astute in business, but bold in endeavor. Success is the fruit of one’s effort. All that comes easily is poverty and shame.

The harder the task, the more glorious the triumph.


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