Something You Really Shouldn’t Forget… Our New E-Book!

We are proud to announce that “Something You Forgot…Along the Way” is now available in a new convenient e-book form!
You can easily purchase it online and read its wisdom while on the go with your iPhone, iPad, Kindle, or laptop.

Keep in mind when purchasing that there are two formats, one is for Kindle and the other is for iPhones and iPads. Make sure your format is compatible with your operating system.

Online Price: $8.99 USD
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(Book description)

This e-book introduces sixty-five heart-warming stories that show
what it means to learn from life’s events. These simple yet
beautiful tales invites us to look deeper into almost any situation
in life. In the tradition of Aesop’s Fables each story concludes
with a moral lesson. In each lesson, the author gives us
a perspective on people and events that is both rare and unexpected,
demonstrating a profound understanding of the human condition.