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You Were Born For A ReasonClick any of the links below to read an excerpt.

INTRODUCTIONRead the full story


Chapter 1: The Fragility of HappinessRead the full story
Chapter 2: The Infinite Preciousness of a Single Human Life
Chapter 3: Living Simply for the Sake of Living
Chapter 4: Temporary Pleasures
Chapter 5: Work, Work, Work
Chapter 6: Joy Itself Can Bring Sorrow
Chapter 7: Satisfaction Just Beyond Reach
Chapter 8: The Vast Immovable Wall of Death


Chapter 1: The Eternal Questions
Chapter 2: Shinran’s Answer
Chapter 3: The Root Cause of Suffering
Chapter 4: The Dark Mind: The Source of Suffering
Chapter 5: The Mind Shrouded in Ignorance
Chapter 6: The Dark Future Casts a Shadow on the Present
Chapter 7: The Tragedy at Rajagrha and the Vow of Amida
Chapter 8: Shinran’s Fulfillment of Life’s Purpose
Chapter 9: Shinran’s Masterwork Begins and Ends with a Cry of Joy
Chapter 10: The Clash over Whether or Not Life Has a Purpose
Chapter 11: The Key to the Mystery of Why We Live
Chapter 12: Turning a Blind Eye to Ourselves
Chapter 13: The Difficulty of Knowing Oneself
Chapter 14: Revelation of the True Self
Chapter 15: The Universal Desire for Fame and Fortune
Chapter 16: The Evil Within
Chapter 17: Poisoned Good
Chapter 18: Confronting the Self
Chapter 19: The Real Meaning of Evil
Chapter 20: The Path to Rebirth in Paradise
Chapter 21: Knowledge of the World to Come
Chapter 22: A World Where Mind and Words Fail
Chapter 23: The Changes That Are Brought by Salvation
Chapter 24: Lamenting the Deviations and the Purpose of Life
Chapter 25: The Path of No Hindrance
Chapter 26: The Universal Purpose of Life
Chapter 27: Knowing the Difference Between the Purpose and Means of Living
Chapter 28: How Shinran Lived After Attaining the Purpose of Life






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