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Sakyamuni Buddha taught, “The outgoing breath awaits not the incoming breath, and so life ends.” Death may be but a single breath away. Fail to take in the next breath, and immediately your afterlife begins. Each breath you exhale and inhale brushes shoulders with death. On December 31, one second after 23:59’59” it is 00:00’00”. At the same instant, the thirty-first changes to the first, December gives way to January, and one year yields to the next. In the same way, this life transforms into the next life in the space of an instant.

If you do not achieve the purpose of life now, when will you? When can you? Now is your only chance, for untold ages to come. Gaze steadily at the shadow of impermanence drawing closer every moment, and have no regrets.

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about the book | content | review | readers’ voices | movie