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Translator’s foreword


Part One

Tannisho: Amplified Translation

Part Two
A Guide to Tannisho:

Close Translation and Clarification of Easily Misunderstood Passages

1 How Easy It Is to Misunderstand Tannisho

2 Amida’s Salvation Happens in This Life

3 “The Sole Requirement Is Faith”

4 “No Need for Good, No Fear of Evil”: What Does This Really Mean?

5 Does Other-Power Mean That We Sit Back and Do Nothing?

6 “Only Say the Nembutsu”: The Meaning of “Only”

7 The Real Meaning of Shinran’s “I Do Not Know in the Least”

8 Because Amida’s Vow Is True

9 “If Even a Good Person Will Attain Salvation, All the More So Will an Evil Person”

10 The Real Meaning of “Quickly Attaining Buddhahood”

11 Funerals and Memorial Services Are Not for the Dead

12 No Disciples: Shinran’s Love for One and All

13 What Happens When We Are Saved by Amida?

14 The Great faith and the Great Practice

15 “No Desire to Dance in Joy”: Shinran’s Lack of Joy Is Only Half the Story

16 What Is “Namu Amida Butsu”?

17 The Reality of Self-Power and the Ocean of Other-Power Faith

18 The Universal Purpose of Life


Glossary Bibliography Map of Places That Appear in the TextTimeline of the Development of Pure Land Buddhism-Appendix

Japanese Text of Tannisho

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about the book | about the author | reviews | flyer