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For the First Time – Buddha’s Life Story is Illustrated into Manga


1 The Crown Prince

If life is suffering, why should we go on?

2 Marriage to a Great Beauty

“Look at the stars in the sky! Our lives seem so small in comparison.”

3 The Four Gates: East Gate, South Gate

The troubles of sickness and old age are inevitable. So is a long life really a blessing?

4 The Four Gates: West Gate

Death comes without warning. Whatever money or possessions, status or fame a person may attain, at the moment of death, they provide no solace.

5 The Four Gates: North Gate

I want to be able to shout out with joy,”How wonderful it is to be alive!”

6 The Birth of a Son

“Now the royal line is safe!” The king is delighted that his son has an heir, but…

7 A Palace for Each Season

Fine wine and beautiful women bring no lasting peace. “The emptiness of life cannot be filled by pleasure.”

8 Three Wishes

“Promise me freedom from old age, sickness, and death, and I will abandon my quest.”

9 Out of the Palace and into the Mountain

Why do we live? Finding the answer to this question is the key to lasting happiness.

10 The Five Messengers

Why can’t you understand? Nothing in this world is permanent.

11 Ascetic Practices

In search of enlightenment, pushed to the limit…

12 Enlightenment of Buddha

Under the bodhi tree:”I will not rise from here without attaining supreme enlightenment!”

13 The Wheel of Truth

“I must tell all those who are suffering, not knowing the meaning of life, about true happiness.”

14 The Great Ship that Crosses the Sea of Life

Salvation is for one and all.

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about the book | about the author | reviews | media appearances