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For the First Time Buddha’s Life Story is Illustrated into Manga

Pic of Hisashi OtaHISASHI OTA, author

Born in Shimane Prefecture in 1970, he graduated from Nagoya University’s School of Science, Department of Molecular Biology, and from Yoyogi Animation Gakuin. His other works include Manga de wakaru bukkyo nyumon (Understanding Through Comics: Introduction to Buddhism), which is forthcoming in English from Ichimannendo Publishing.

KENTARO ITO, editorial supervisor

Born in Tokyo in 1969, he has an M.A. in philosophy from the University of Tokyo. He is the co-author, with Kentetsu Takamori and Daiji Akehashi, of Naze ikiru (tr. 2006-You Were Born for a Reason: The Real Purpose of Life) and the author of Otoko no tame no jibun sagashi (Men’s Search for Identity).

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about the book | content | reviews | media appearances