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“The most powerful dose of inspiration and wisdom you’ll find in a small package … 65 short stories that will move you.”

– FOX 17, by Emily Richett –


Takamori’s book is “a jewel”.
“Takamori’s book is an invitation to live intensenly each moment of ourlives. Life is an instant but is much more than born, grew and die. Wehave to profit it. Only if we reach happiness we will be able to make happy people around us. Takamori teachs us how to create a better worldin which to live”.

-Hoy en Delaware, by Virginia Esteban-


I have truly enjoyed this book, and felt like I was reliving stages of my life. As I was reading Something You Forgot … Along the Way, I found myself chuckling at how many of the short “Somethings” I had experienced throughout my life. Being in sales for over 45 years, I have often heard the saying, “It worked so well, we quit using it.” These stories of Wisdom & Learning are presented in a light and pleasant way, but still made me wonder, why did I forget these simple things.

– Lake Region Times, by Jerry Groebner –


“The child is father of the man,” Kentetsu Takamori reminds us in the simple words of a child and the reasoned understanding that comes with the experience of a man.

The author does not preach but exhorts in the spare but rich languages of metaphor, parable and axiom.

Takamori’s short lessons chip away at the self and seek “to open the eyes of the soul.”

– Pacific Publishing, by Robert Serra –


Something You Forgot … Along the Way reminded me of the value of Aesop’s Fables in my childhood. This little book of 65 very brief and entertaining stories, many of which are about real people, teaches 65 important life lessons of deep, pertinent spiritual and psychological insights and guidelines. These are entertaining enough to capture the interest of children and teens. The book is also for adults, giving sage advice of how to get along in life with more happiness, ease, and friendship. I highly recommend this book.

–, by Bonnie Neely –


Kindness Tested: Would you offer a bowl of rice or a cup of tea to a stranger in need? This simple act of compassion is among many worthy lessons and words of wisdom in this heartwarming book.

– The Tea House Times, by Gail Gastelu –


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