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    Making the World Happier
    A Smiling Face and a Word of Kindness
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  2. Stones That Longed to Be Diamonds
    Polishing Oneself
  3. How Much Is Enough?
    The Farmer Who Was Overcome by Greed
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  4. On the Brevity of Our Ties
  5. Counseling the Wayward Student
    One Professor’s Wise Approach
  6. Living for a Great Desire
    Jenner and Smallpox
  7. Ah, Now Their Water Is Gone
    How the General Saw Through the Enemy’s Ploy
  8. Take Him the Money Now!
    Show Appreciation Immediately
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  9. The Poor Window Frame
    An Inspiring Glimpse of a Mother and Child
  10. The Best-Tasting Dish
  11. On Vanity
  12. Perseverance and Ingenuity Are Key
    Don’t Make Snap Judgments
  13. Tell Yourself You Have Just One Arrow
    The Art of Focusing the Mind
  14. A Seed Not Planted Cannot Grow
    The Fundamental Law of Cause-and-Effect
  15. Change Irritation to Appreciation
    Born with a Short Temper?
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  16. On Resisting Avarice
  17. Building a Reputation for Excellence
    The Fruits of Sustained Effort
  18. Abuse That Is Not Accepted
    Sakyamuni and the Heretic
  19. Promises Are to Be KeptRead this story for free!
  20. On Wonderful Fruits
  21. Gaining a Little, Losing a Lot
    How a Farmer Lost His Cow
  22. It’s Like the Sound of a Pulley
    The Wisdom of Socrates
  23. I’ve Diagnosed Patients Before, But Never Their Money
    A Physician of Substance
  24. Parents Are Mirrored in Their Children
  25. Reading in the Dark
    Horin’s Love of Books
  26. Kindness Benefits Oneself as Well as Others
    Watanabe Kazan’s Rules for Business
  27. The Color of Flames
    The Master Painter and the Veteran Firefighter
  28. Someone’s Lot Today Will Be Mine Tomorrow
    The Unjust Law of Benares
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  29. Cats All Steal Fish
  30. On Mastering an Art
  31. Count to Ten When Angry
    Or You May Find Yourself Weeping Alone
  32. The Lesson of the Red Camellia
  33. A Good Wife; a Bad Wife
    Paying Attention to Feelings
  34. The Poppy Seed and a Mother’s Search
  35. Treat High and Low Alike
    Bismarck: “I Too Am a Shoemaker”
  36. On Seed-Planting
  37. The Greater the Purpose …
    The Squirrel and the Lake
  38. If You Are Caught Up in the Here and Now,
    You Lose Sight of the Future
    The Wisdom of Napoleon
  39. The Destructive Power of Speech
    Killed Twenty-four Times
  40. He Who Saves Others Will Be Saved Himself
    The Lion and the Mouse
  41. The Boatman Who Disobeyed His Lord’s Command
    True Professionalism
  42. Detecting Fakes
    Carrying Out One’s Mission
  43. Rewarding the Unfilial Son
    An Approach to Good and Bad
  44. On Self-Reflection
  45. The Importance of Quick-Wittedness
    The Salesman and the Housewife
  46. Sticking to a Single Path in Life
  47. The Man Who Had Everything
    What Is Happiness?
  48. Perseverance Is Greater than Proficiency
    Cuda-panthaka’s Long Years of Cleaning
  49. Even If You Become Rich, Never Forget Your Former Poverty
    Iwasaki Yataro and His Mother
  50. Don’t Judge People by Appearance
    Ikkyu and the Guard
  51. Start with the Third Floor!
    Ignorance of the Law of Causality
  52. On Asking Favors
  53. Those Who Lack Compassion
    Kindness Tested
  54. The Shaman Who Ate Cow Dung
    Ignorance Leads to Superstition
  55. First, Master the Basics
  56. Savoring Jingoro’s Sculpture
    Skill and Wisdom
  57. Suffering Insults and Persecution
    A Necessary Sacrifice
  58. On Living Each Day
  59. Do Good Regardless
    The Stone in the Center of Town
  60. Busy People Have the Most Time
    The Art of Stealing Moments
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  61. I Saved British Honor
    The Pride of a True Gentleman
  62. When Everyone Is in the Wrong, No Quarrels
    The Secret of a Happy Home Life
  63. What Tastes Best; What Tastes Worst
    The Ingredients of Happiness
  64. Change Yourself, and Others Will Follow
    The Samurai and the Horse
  65. Success Is the Fruit of Effort
    The Astute Merchant
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