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SOMETHING YOU FORGOT ... ALONG THE WAYKENTETSU TAKAMORI is a Pure Land Buddhist teacher born in Japan in 1929. He has lectured throughout Japan and worldwide on Buddhism for more than half a century. He is the author of several best-selling titles in Japanese and the chair of the Buddhist organization Jodo Shinshu Shinrankai.

YOU WERE BORN FOR A REASON: The Real Purpose of Life was the first of his works to be published in English (Ichimannendo Publishing, Inc., 2006). This is a translation of the book Naze ikiru (Ichimannendo Publishing, 2001), which has sold over 600,000 copies to date.

His life has been dedicated to faithfully conveying the teachings of Shinran (1173-1263), the founder of Shin Buddhism (the True Pure Land School).

He lives with his wife and their dog in a small town in Toyama Prefecture overlooking the Japan Sea.

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