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You Were Born For A Reason

You Were Born For A Reason

At last, the English version of the runaway best-selling book on Buddhism! You Were Born for a Reason has already sold more than half a million copies in its publication in Japanese as Naze ikiru, and is still going strong. Life is vaguely pleasant in its way, and fulfilling. But at the same time it is a disappointment, especially when one’s.. [Read More…]


Something You Forgot… Along the Way

Something You Forgot… Along the Way
SOMETHING YOU FORGOT … ALONG THE WAY introduces sixty-five heart-warming stories that show what it means to learn from life’s events. These simple yet beautiful tales invite us to look deeper into almost any situation in life. In the tradition of Aesop’s Fables each story concludes with a moral lesson. In these lessons, the author gives us a perspective.. [Read More…]


Unlocking Tannisho – Shinran’s Words on the Pure Land Path

Unlocking Tannisho

Even a good person will be born in the Pure Land; how much more so an evil person!

Concerning good and evil alike I know nothing at all.


Can you believe these are the words of the great Buddhist master?

Tannisho(Lamenting the Deviations) clarifies the heart of Pure Land Buddhism and points the way to real happiness with unforgettable expressions. Unlocking Tannisho is the only definitive commentary of this beloved classic text, and has been a remarkable success with 230,000 copies sold to date. [Read More…]


The Story of BUDDHA – A Graphic Biography -

The Story of BUDDHA

For the first time — Buddha’s life story is illustrated into Manga


Unshakable Spirit

Unshakable SpiritWhy wasn’t there any rioting or looting in Japan after the devastating earthquake and tsunami of 2011?

In Unshakable Spirit, a forthcoming collection of heartwarming stories in which you will discover the Japanese people’s underlying philosophy.
By Kentetsu Takamori

On March 11, 2011, an earthquake and tsunami of historic proportions struck off the northeast coast of Japan, wreaking extreme devastation.[Read More…]